- the heart of Danish airspace

All aircraft flying in Danish airspace are controlled from the Naviair control center at Kastrup. The control center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is in many ways the heart of the air traffic management system, where all traffic is monitored.

When Naviair’s new air traffic management system comes into operation, this will be done in a completely new control center that has been built in connection with Naviair’s existing facilities at Kastrup. Even though the new control center is located only 500 meters from the nearest runway, air traffic controllers can work here completely undisturbed by activities outside.


Specially designed windows, dark glass glazing, a double reinforced concrete structure in the walls plus sound-absorbing floors, ceilings and walls ensure that neither light nor sound from the outside will distract the air traffic controllers in their work of monitoring traffic in the air.

The new control center will provide optimal working conditions for the air traffic controllers. There are more than 60 positions specially designed for the task which are installed symmetrically in two large U-shapes. This provides a pleasant working environment without any visual “noise” from the equipment.

However, beneath the large floor panels, made of American cherry wood, there is an unseen world of cables that continually provide the equipment at the work positions with the data that the air traffic controllers need. The floor panels can be removed at any time in connection with repairs and maintenance, which provides great flexibility for the Naviair technicians.

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