NUAC - Nordic Unified Air Traffic Control 

September 2019

NUAC HB  was a joint subsidiary owned by Danish Naviair and Swedish LFV  ANSPs. Established in 2009, operative from 2012 and then liquidated as a legal company by 31 August 2019.


"The European focus is less on Functional Airspace Blocks and more on other technical and operational alliances. Thats why Naviair and LFV has taken this mutual decision winding up NUAC as a company and we will now develop another platform for our close and continued cooperation", expressed the Naviair CEO in February 2019.  

The management of ATCC Copenhagen is returned to Naviair, as the designated provider. 

NUAC was established in 2009 as the first integrated operating company in Europe that is responsible for ATS service in a joint FAB. NUAC operated from 1 July 2012 the three ATCCs in Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm as a subcontractor on behalf of Naviair and LFV.

NUAC only had approximately ten direct employees, while the remaining just over 650 employees were on secondment to NUAC from Naviair and LFV. The three ATCCs and other equipment used by NUAC were owned by Naviair and LFV.

Through our co-ownership of NUAC, we benefitted from a continued improvement in the efficiency of ATS service and the performance targets contributed to the owners Business plans (Ref. EU RP1,RP2). 

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